Tuesday, 8 January 2013

John O'Sullivan leaves Athlone Town

Athlone Town Chief Executive Officer John O’Sullivan's contract has come to the end and he has left the position. 
The Midlands club has released a statement "to wish him every success in his future ventures".
Speaking on his time in Athlone, O’Sullivan was full of praise for the club. “I’m quite sad to leave Athlone and the fantastic people I’ve gotten to work with in my time here, especially as the club faces into such an exciting period. However, I’m very proud of the part I played in getting the club to the position where there’s such excitement and confidence surrounding it.”
“I leave the club in the hands of a dedicated committee; we have added Ronan McCormack to the staff this week and have a marketing and administrative officer role advertised which will be filled very soon.”
Asked about the highlights in his time at the club, O’Sullivan didn’t hesitate “a lot of good work was in development all along, we’ve built up a great support staff and structure, the new deal with Joma takes the club to a new level, but the partnership with the AIT stands out, it helped us bring Roddy Collins to the club which is a fantastic appointment and though I don’t have the opportunity to work alongside him, I certainly plan to be back for the promotion party come the end of the season.”


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