Monday, 15 April 2013

Blog: Running Out of Patience

Brian Moss 
Running Out of Patience:

Sometimes running can feel like a chore but when you’re injured you really miss it.
It gets more and more difficult to drive through any major Irish town and not encounter a group of runners pounding the paths and the nation’s roadways. There have been so many negative aspects of the recession but one positive is the explosion of people who are swapping the steel toe for the gel cushion and getting out there and its time to out myself, I’m one of them. Yes were all getting in touch with our inner Forest Gump’s who famously ‘Just felt like running’ and once started didn’t really want to stop. Whether it’s better education on the importance of exercise, influences of programmes such as Operation Transformation or sheer boredom running is very much in vogue. Fun Runs have replaced hangover recovery for many as the Sunday morning ambition and this can certainly only be a good thing. I’m writing about running instead of been out there myself at present as I’m laid up with a back injury, and it’s only when you can’t run that you realise how much you miss it.
I would like to  be able to say I sustained my back injury in some heroic way, perhaps saving a family from a burning building or doling out food parcels in some far flung third world country, but unfortunately  it’s a tad bit more embarrassing, I did my back in whilst been thrown into a boot of a car.
No, no need not raise the alarm, this wasn’t a tiger kidnapping gone wrong, no this was yet more evidence that myself and my fellow 30 year old mates will never grow up. Horseplay would be the prognoses if my mother had seen it. Looking into my friends open boot in a car park a couple of weeks ago I happened to comment that his car had a really big boot, he took this to mean that I wanted to get in. A quick physics lesson for you now kids, when a 6’3 ginger bear wants to put a 5’8 cub into a boot there’s only going to be one winner, and despite my protests in I went, in the process pulling several muscles and a couple of ligaments in my back along the way - I’ve had better mornings.
A visit to the physio later here I am two weeks on from boot gate unable to run until my back recovers and starting to really miss putting on my Asics of an evening and heading off for a jog. Considering we had a pretty horrendous winter and  with the clock going back a couple of weeks ago  heralding the start of the most elusive Irish phenomenon’s – bright evenings I was really looking forward to actually being able to see where I was running, but alas its not to be. One of the more frustrating aspects of not been able to get out there and run is the feeling of wasting precious good weather days which we’ve had a few of lately. Anyone who’s lived in Ireland for at least one month will know how rare they can be. 
Running for many of us who were involved with GAA and Soccer clubs over the years was seen as some kind of punishment. The lap’s part of training was the prelude to actually having some fun and so initially it took me time to get to appreciate the simple act of running without a ball in sight. Initially I didn’t see the point but over the last couple of years I have certainly got the bug.  Runners should be honest though,  the actual process of putting one foot in front  of the other at a half decent pace isn’t the most enjoyable aspect of the whole thing, it’s the feeling when you finish that’s worth chasing. No doubt whether it’s a mile or a marathon you managed to complete, the sense of achievement really is all it’s cracked up to be. I’m sure I’m not revealing any state secrets here for those who already participate but if you are someone who is considering giving it a go take my advice you won’t regret it.

And so as I wait it out until I can get back on the right road literally my waist line unlike our economy  is already showing signs of growth and as I become generally more irritable to be around I’ve come to realise that I’m now a fully-fledged runner. So no more will you hear me complain as I often have in the past when travelling throughout the country about road runners not adhering to the two abreast unwritten rule, or being forced to take a lengthy detour because of yet another fun run, in fact now jealously  of those who can run  is my new complaint.
God I could do with a run!


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